Wedgewood Nougat started in the Walters family kitchen in 1999. 24 years on, we still make Mum’s original recipes in small batches on the Wedgewood Farm, in 33 hands-on-steps, using honey straight from our bee-keepers, just the way our Mum did. We still use only the finest, ethically, and sustainably sourced ingredients. And we are still inventing world-first recipes and innovations in our artisanal kitchen to keep us busy and on our toes! Wedgewood is a local family business in the picturesque hills of the KZN Midlands, that employs a team of 150 people passionate about creating the perfect confectionery and gifting experience, whilst actively giving back to the planet. 
At Wedgewood we are conservationists at heart. We nurture our brand, our people, and our environment. We are 100% plastic neutral; for every kg of plastic that we bring onto our farm we pay  The Litter Boom Project to harvest the same amount of plastic from our rivers and oceans, upcycling non-recyclable plastic into usable everyday items, whilst generating an income for local waste-preneurs. Recently, we have launched a Handmade Box Project that provides us with our beautiful bespoke gift boxes whilst giving valuable employment to previously disadvantaged people with disabilities from our local community. We also support Singakwenza – Early Childhood Education and Wildlife Act, which have an impact on vulnerable children and wildlife in South Africa.
We have four Wedgewood Gifting & Hamper Emporiums where you can experience our wonderous world of handmade confectionery, artisanal biscuits and proudly South African made hampers and gifts. A sensory sampling experience straight from our artisanal kitchen and led by a world class team to inspire smiles! Each Wedgewood Emporium is uniquely created to showcase our wonderful world of handcrafted confectionery and gifting, handmade locally and sustainably on the Wedgewood farm in the KZN Midlands.
Our range of products include our handmade confectionery, our collection of ethically and sustainably sourced honey from partnership projects in South Africa and Zambia, as well as our Macadamia Nut Butter made from nuts hand-selected on our farm in our bespoke nut cracking facility. We also have a range of Wedgewood designed gifts that support local artisans, that include masterfully hand-thrown ceramics, oak boards, and hand-knitted heirloom rabbits.
Visit our wonderful world of gifting at any of our Wedgewood Gifting & Hamper Emporiums or online at and let us create the perfect gifting experience you are looking for.

You can contact them on:
033 330 7444