The Duchess Alcohol-Free Drinks

South Africa’s First 0% Gin & Tonic In A Can

Established in 2016 as the world’s first alcohol-free Gin & Tonic, The Duchess continues to push the boundaries in the South African beverage industry. This time, with a shift from glass bottles to aluminum cans to reach their 2023 goal of becoming an increasingly sustainable Cape Town brand. Their Botanical and Floral alcohol-free gin & tonic is now available in 300ml slimline cans that are almost 10 times lighter than their original glass bottles, significantly reducing the company’s carbon emissions. Aluminum cans are also infinitely recyclable and much lighter on consumers’ pockets. 

Designed to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, the new Duchess cans can go places glass never could such as the beach, the mountain, and the swimming pool – the options are endless.

With this fresh new look, The Duchess set their sights to remain the go-to drink for those looking to go alcohol-free, offering an award-winning taste that is both low in calories and low in sugar. A 300ml can of The Duchess only has 54 calories, so Duchess fans can sip all summer long, guilt-free. 

Buy The Duchess Alcohol-Free Drinks for only R299 per case at or spoil your loved one with a Duchess Gift Box

Available for in-store purchase at Spar Grocers, Tops, Checkers Grocers, Checkers Liquor and Pick n Pay, nationwide. 

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