She Speaks SA


About She Speaks SA:

She Speaks SA is a platform for women to engage, have conversations and find healing through self-expression. She Speaks SA creates a safe space for women to be vulnerable about their insecurities, challenges and life journey through the support of a community. Our main goal is to break the narrative of women facing challenges alone. 
“She Speaks not because she wants to be heard but because God gave her the ability to move mountains through unity and love”
                                 -Regorapetse Serote
Services that She Speaks SA Offers:

Online conversations: We host monthly online conversations every last Thursday of the month. Each month has a different topic or theme regarding some of the challenges women face on a daily basis. We get speakers to discuss and share their wisdom, knowledge and expertise from their own journeys to empower others with different perspectives and hope towards an ‘I CAN’ frame of mind.
Counselling sessions: We have counsellors that are able to be there for you and counsel you, to reach your full potential and complete healing. Please contact us for more information on how you can book a councillor.
Workshops: We host intimate face-to-face and online workshops. The workshops will have a holistic sharing of knowledge and expertise around womanhood and embracing the woman that you are. They normally run over a period of four weeks, but can be customized for you/ your community/ your workplace. Please get in touch with us on how we can tailor make our workshops for you.
Soon we are also expanding our services into wellness offerings, as well as an online shop for a holistic offering to our community.
What She Speaks SA is to the founder Regorapetse
“To me She Speaks SA is a place where women can be themselves, heal and continue being the brave women they are. It is a place for the voiceless to be heard, comforted and loved. 
I started She Speaks SA because I too needed a place of refuge when I was going through a terrible season. I hope this platform allows women to unify and help each other through any season of their lives.”

Regorapetse is a true inspiration to everyone she meets. She is a strong, compassionate, kind and resilient woman who lives life to the full.