In the year 2022, Kimberleigh Emmett embarked on an extraordinary mission, one that would encapsulate her unwavering dedication to both style and substance. As the founder of Shaye, Kim’s journey was driven by an inherent passion for fashion, a relentless commitment to staying ahead of the trends, and, most importantly, a profound desire to
create a brand that resonates deeply with the modern, empowered woman. 

At Shaye, Kim has an intimate understanding of the discerning tastes and expectations of women who value quality and flair. Her collection of meticulously crafted bags stands as a testament to Kim’s extraordinary eye for detail, artfully merging elegance and functionality into every stitch and seam. With a keen awareness of the ever-evolving fashion landscape, Shaye positions itself as the premiere choice for exquisite bags that gracefully cater to the dynamic lifestyles of today’s empowered women.
Kim’s tireless pursuit of excellence permeates through each bag we proudly present. It’s a reflection of her visionary quest to make high-quality fashion not just attainable but truly accessible, all without the slightest compromise on style. In a world where professionalism meets individuality, Shaye serves as the quintessential symbol of refined aesthetics, offering an exquisite range of bags that gracefully transition from the boardroom to a social soirée, a true testament to contemporary femininity at its finest. Shaye’s bags are designed to elevate your style, embodying the spirit of contemporary femininity, because, quite simply, you deserve nothing less than the extraordinary.