Share Your Story with Us

Share your own 50 and me inspirational story with us.  From time to time we will publish one or two of the stories on our site.

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I give 50 and Me permission to publish my story on their site.

Your story have the power to change the status quo, strengthen against fears, and give courage over and over again.

We are not all born story tellers and writers here is an outline to help you share your story.

*Name and surname

*Tell us where you are from.

*Tell us about your passions and strongly held beliefs.

*Where have you struggled in your life?

*We all suffer sometimes. What are the moments that challenged and moulded you?

*Tell us what you have learned through this experience/challenge and how it changed your life?

*To whom do you owe gratitude?

*What has been your greatest moment in life?