Seam Coffee

Seam Coffee was created with the idea that the coffee trade should be different, instead of looking at coffee as a lifeless commodity, we see coffee as the livelihoods that the crop underpins. The very representation of the hands that invested into the production of the product. This ethos is what houses the heartbeat of all we are about at Seam.

For us, coffee needs to be about farmers before coffee influencers; about social justice & equity before brew methods; about common sense over profit; about building community not only where it is consumed but definitely where it is grown.

Over the years we’ve visited farms, most recently joining our green coffee partners, Raw Material on a week long journey through Rwanda to visit the washing stations of Muraho Trading Co. Here we learn about the struggles associated with farming, processing and production, we develop relationships, we see community being built and, most importantly, we shake hands on a price that exceeds the cost of production enabling this cycle to carry on for generations to come.

If coffee can create a community where it is consumed, we believe it should build communities where it is grown – and we intend to get involved from the ground up.

Seam Coffee is proud to be the South African partner for Raw Material, giving us and any interested coffee roaster seeking ethical & sustainable coffee (the greater impact makes it worth sharing this relationship) access to the most incredible coffee that’s helping to build coffee growing communities in Colombia, Mexico, Timor-Leste, Rwanda and Burundi.  Raw Material is a social enterprise that believes in developing communities through coffee and 100% of the profit generated goes to the producers they represent.

We work with a growing network of smallholder farmers, alongside dedicated global coffee buyers to facilitate trade at stable, sustainable prices while improving coffee quality, yields, and community outcomes. If maximising a producer’s income is important to you, you’re in the right place. We’re focused on connecting farmers to consumers through purchasing ethical and sustainable coffees and furthermore sharing their stories with the world. Our approach to roasting is focused on bringing out the very best in the green coffees we purchase, highlighting all that is unique about a region or producer.

Did you know, that almost half of the smallholder coffee producers globally live below the poverty line? And of this group, 22% live in extreme poverty. Meanwhile, the value of the specialty coffee market will double to reach 80 billion USD by 2025. For us, this is an absurd reality.

We do things differently. By working together, a producer’s profits can be maximized through the cup of coffee you buy. For this reason we have chosen to disclose what the farmers were paid for the coffee cherry they supplied – this is the metric of ethical and sustainable coffee.

In our roastery, we’re a passionate team of like-minded individuals taking the challenge of specialty coffee head on. We’re dedicated to making a difference at every point of the value chain and this means all the way from green sourcing to brew. We approach our roasting and training with the same mindset that we approach our green buying – coffee can build community wherever it is found. We make it our goal to honour and respect the hands that have gone before us in the value chain, at every step recognizing the privilege it is to work with the coffees we have access to. 

For this reason we believe education is as important as the high quality standards we hold ourselves to in our roastery and production space. We offer a range of coffee education courses focused on different aspects of the industry, from sensory training through to full professional barista courses. These can be tailored to your individual needs and we aim to leave you with skills to get your coffee journey moving forward and a new found respect and understanding for this glorious beverage. 

Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to be recognized by our peers and consumers alike for the work that we’re doing and in the last year we were blown away to scoop up a handful of awards. Among them, we were awarded the Most Ethical Coffee Roastery for 2023 at the International Lux Awards and the Coffee Magazine Awards of 2022 we were honoured to be named Roastery of the Year and our founder, won the award for Excellence in Coffee.


We continue to pursue the highest heights of change in our industry by connecting coffee farmers and coffee drinkers through ethical and sustainable trade and education. 

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