Poppy Divine Sleepwear Available at Pillow Talk


English Garden gown

Getting a good  night’s sleep requires more than just scheduling a consistent bedtime. In fact, creating the right sleep environment—considering light, temperature, and more—can be the difference between fitful dozing and a long, full night of sleep. Another important element: what you wear to bed. Picking sleepwear to help support good shut-eye is surprisingly simple.

Comfortable pretty sleepwear is a must have for all of us.

This light weight sleepwear brand is perfect for South African summer months.

The range from Poppy Divine is available from Pillow Talk in Illovo

I love the English Garden range which includes this beautiful kimono garden gown.

It has matching sleep wear shorties, which are perfect of the summer time.

Pop over to Pillow Talk in Illove for this beautiful range or visit them at­­_talk_illovo

Marna Grobler