Nyati-X adventures

We all know that immersing in nature is good for us! Being active outdoors builds strength in our bodies, brings peace to our minds and nurtures and nourishes our souls. In South Africa, we are surrounded by the most magnificent mountains and glorious oceans – right on our doorstep.
However, not everyone is comfortable to adventure alone; to play on and in the natural world around us. Many people would prefer someone to show them the way, guide them, or simply accompany them.

This is why we created Nyati-x.

Nyati-X came about as a result of encouraging a small group of runners to step out of their comfort zones and take on a challenge such as the iconic 13 Peaks Challenge across Table Mountain National Park. It was incredible watching the individual growth and the positive team dynamics as they completed the route over multiple days and with a few team members going on the complete the 13 Peaks 48-hour challenge a few weeks later. Subsequent Challenges and ongoing encouragement from the teams resulted in the formation of Nyati-X with the specific aim of “Taking people places they never thought possible”. Breaking routine, moving into the unknown, discovering new places, experiences and more importantly, discovering a deeper sense of self and grounded personal awareness.

Nyati-X takes you on adventures across a variety of sporting disciplines including trail running, hiking, fast packing, open-water swimming, mountain biking and more. Keeping it activity focused, or combining different elements we weave in local attractions, fine dining, wine farms and where the mood desires reflection, meditation and Yoga. We exist to take you on adventures that are challenging and memorable. That push you; that allow you to feel the exhilaration of new places and of achieving something outside if your own personal comfort zone. We are here for the Weekend Warriors, the trail lovers, the mountain addicts and the free spirits. 
Our Adventurers want to do it together and appreciate the accompaniment of experienced and certified guides. Our mission is to unlock your inner adventurer, a solid ‘sense of self’ and a rediscovery of your true north that gets lost on the treadmill of modern life.
Current very popular adventures include Chase the Dawn, and our Overseers Mountain Cottage Retreat. 
The Overseers Mountain Cottage Retreat focuses on health & wellness & immersing into the magic of our mountains. This 2 night adventure starts with a scenic hike up the permit-only Orange Kloof trail onto Disa Gorge. Surrounded by steep & ancient rocky banks of ferns, mosses and flowers, the route takes us deep into the mountain. As the river bubbles below, we travel through a magnificent primal biome – the oldest intact forest on the mountain. Emerging onto the top of the mountain we’ll settle into the cottage for a weekend of trail running or hiking, wild swimming, meditation, breath work, healthy eating and a wonderful group cooking experience – a scrumptious dinner jointly prepared and eaten overlooking the twinkling lights of Cape Town as the stars shimmer above finishes the day, perfectly.
Chase the Dawn is a guided 42km overnight hike & trail running adventure. Fully sanctioned by Sanparks with expert guides, this is an adventure across Table Mountain National Park. A once-in a lifetime magical night trail experience – and it’s not a race! 
We have many adventures to suit all skill, fitness and interest areas: check out our website at https://www.nyati-x.com/