Miss Earth South Africa


Miss Earth 1

As a Miss Earth South Africa 2021 I taken the step in not only making the difference in the act of conserving the environment I have also encouraged others to come along with me in my pledge. This is not just a pledge; it is a call to action. We as citizens living on this Earth need to be mindful of our actions which are negative contributors to the environment we can not live on Earth as parasites. This mindset is imperative because we don’t have a planet B and we can already see the results of our actions, the water shortage, air pollution and loadshedding. These are just a few debacles we are experiencing today. I cannot stress the importance of environmental conservation and it starts with you making a change in your households such as recycling and switching off the lights in rooms that are not in use.

To see the change, we need to be the change and change will begin to show. We can preserve our Earth and its animals if we do our part. I encourage you to make environmentally conscious choices even when making a purchase in store saying “No” to a plastic bag, cruelty free products or no animal testing and joining the #MeatFreeMonday movement. The above-mentioned actions are simple step you can adapt in your lifestyle, and they make a huge difference.

Having a planet is better than not having one, so we need to make the choice to be in a symbiotic relationship with our home and nourish that relationship for future generations to have a beautiful planet with living creatures that we wish for future generations to see. Furthermore, you can take the pledge too and spread the message by creating environmental awareness. Always remember that a taking care of our environment is looking after our home which means ensuring a healthy, clean and preserved home.

Nompumelelo Maduna