Melk Natural Organic Products


Melk Naturals is a local beauty brand that brings us a lovely selection of environmentally friendly, organic products featuring ethically grown, cruelty-free ingredients. At the helm of this rapidly expanding small enterprise stands Eileen, a former wedding cake baker who turned the havoc of lockdown into an opportunity to follow her true dream. Eileen studied to become a make up artist specialising in theater and special effects, but life took her in different directions before she finally decided to put her dreams first. This forward-thinking creative started making natural, cold-process soaps early in 2021, and before she knew it she was head over heels in love with organic oils, butters and essential oils. This was when she took a deep dive into the study of organic, hand-crafted cosmetics and Melk Naturals was born. Today the Melk Naturals range includes a selection of expertly developed self-care solutions for the body, face, and hair, addressing various concerns such as acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and sensitive skin.

The Melk brand believes that cosmetics should be simple, yet effective and made fresh in small batches so that chemicals that prolong shelf-life can be limited if not excluded from our skincare routine. Melk Naturals strongly stand against animal testing and unethically farmed ingredients whilst also supporting local businesses big or small by ordering ingredients and packaging from their closest suppliers that they can honestly call friends.

Our Glow facial cream and primer is a two in one wonder product. While assisting in hydrating your skin and heal from damage caused by the elements, it’s also a perfect glow enhancer with stunning Mica. Apply right before applying your foundation as a primer or blend it straight into your foundation for a health boost.

To get in touch with them, contact them on:
Eileen Botha 
076 459 4512
Paarl, Western Cape