Kalm skin and wellness

Kerry Smith – Holistic Therapist and Yoga Teacher

*Specialising in bespoke skin and massage treatments and private yoga*

Kerry is a Skin and Holistic Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and lover of all thing’s health and wellness. Offering a holistic approach to wellness, Kerry believes in the healing power of touch and, the importance of taking time for yourself, time to breath, time to move your body, and time to be in nature. Kerry has a long-standing love and interest in natural skincare and combining a variety of treatment modalities, yoga and breathwork to create treatments that are tailored to the whole individual, body, mind, and soul requirements.

“Wellness is so individual and as a Holistic Therapist I’ve learnt that you can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when treating clients. You need to listen, look deeper and really understand what it is that your client needs and then adapt accordingly. I feel fortunate to be able to connect to others in this way and support them on their wellness journeys.”

Her journey into the world of holistic wellness began over 22 years ago in South Africa, where she studied skincare, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. After her studies she moved to the UK and lived in London for over 12 years. It was in London that Kerry discovered yoga and she hasn’t stopped practicing since. Yoga has given Kerry so much and it’s a practice that has become woven into every aspect of her life and the work that she does. In 2015 Kerry moved back home and settled in Cape Town and then decided to complete her Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 which changed her life in many ways. Kerry teaches slow, mindful yoga with a strong focus on breathwork, alignment and not taking yourself too seriously!

Kerry lives in Hout Bay with her partner and their 2 dogs and when she’s not working with clients you will find her outdoors either at the beach or on a mountain trail. For Kerry, being in nature keeps her grounded and is an essential part of her daily self-care practice! “We have become so disconnected from our true nature and forgotten that we as human beings are nature. By reintroducing time in nature into our daily lives, we become more aligned with our natural instincts and the wisdom of our bodies.”

Kerry works exclusively with sustainable and ethically made brands as part of her own journey to live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable life.

Kerry is passionate about supporting others on their health and skincare journeys in the pursuit of calm and overall wellbeing.