Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party


Party host


I really don’t like doing the dishes. I always make sure the dishwasher is completely empty when the party begins. That way you have plenty of room for all the dirty dishes from the party, and you can load as you go. I also make sure the dust bin is empty, there is nothing worse that a full dust bin during a party.

I prep all the food I am cooking before the time – there is nothing more unpleasant than still pealing onions once the guests have arrived.

Setting the table

I like to do this the traditional way, with a table centre piece, flowers and candles.

I use a plain white dinner crockery which gives me the freedom to add most colours. Charger plates round off the table and adds a bit of extra colour.

Make sure you have a set of salt and pepper shakers per every 2 couples. The correct style knife, fork and spoon per course is also so important.

I use the Wedgewood Dinner Party hamper that is available in our online shop as part of the table décor and a little spoil for each guest.

I also use linen napkins, and love trying out different folds.

Food and drink

Make sure you have enough wine and beer going around and that it is chilled before the time.

Also ask before the time if there are any guests that you should provide for that do not drink alcohol. Most stores sell alcohol free bubbly and wine these days that won’t break the bank.

Do not make the menu too complicated and cook what you know. Check with your guest list for any special dietary needs.


Music immediately makes people feel relaxed and ready to have a good time. We’re not talking about a body-thumping, ear-splitting playlist here, just a simple soundtrack with classics like Ella Fitzgerald or Miles Davis.

A dimmer light is a great option for your dining room – dimming the lights will immediately make your guests feel more relaxed.