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Heleen Meyer

When is the best time to make an investment in your health?

The answer? Now!

Do you realise that it’s important to follow a healthy lifestyle, but don’t always know where to start?

Or do you often experience niggles like bloating after meals, regular headaches, indigestion or dry skin that makes you wonder, what may be the cause or how do I get rid of it once and for all?

Speaking from experience

That is exactly what happened to Heleen, so her passion and inspiration to help others, stems from her own experiences.

For years, she had a headache every day, but soon realised that taking a painkiller every time couldn’t be the answer. She also suffered from severe bloating; at times it was so painful that she ended up consulting a number of doctors. Their solution? For her to eat more fibre – only to find that it aggravates her symptoms.

‘I just had to find a solution!’

She was desperate to turn things around. An introduction to a nutrition expert and holistic therapist changed her life. Heleen learned what the impact of the food she ate, had on her body. She admits that she was super sceptical at first. As a qualified home economist, she has always worked in the food industry, so when the therapist told her to avoid bread, dairy and a list of other foods for at least two months, it came as quite a shock. She thought it would not be possible. How couldn’t she eat certain foods again?

She trusted the process and soon felt a huge difference. She went through a proper detox period and had to learn what her body could and couldn’t handle. She had more energy, the headaches subsided, and noticed other benefits as well.

Small steps, big difference

23 years later and Heleen has never looked back. She now knows that she needs to be careful when eating things like bread – it has become a treat and not a staple anymore. She would rather opt for home-baked or artisanal bread made with stoneground flour, rather than a more refined store-bought version.

She despises the word ‘diet’ and it is her passion to be an advocate to teach others about the joy of eating nutritious food and reaping the rewards.

What is Heleen’s philosophy?

Quite simply, to eat as fresh and natural as possible and to cook from scratch, so you know what’s in your meals.

She builds her food philosophy around these five pillars:

  • Eat in MODERATION.
  • EAT the RAINBOW, enjoying a variety of foods of different colours on your plate, while eating as seasonal as possible.
  • KNOW your own BODY.
  • AVOID refined starch, sugar, too much salt and preservatives. Rather season food with natural seasonings, like fresh herbs, spices, ginger and lemon.
  • INCLUDE HEALTHY FATS from nuts, seeds, avocado and oily fish.

To learn more about Heleen’s philosophy, watch her set of YouTube videos, Eet.Kook.Leef.Beter (Eat.Cook.Live.Better) and read these blogs on her website.

Heleen shows you how

With everyday ingredients and practical kitchen tips, combined with her easy recipes, you feel like a chef in your own kitchen. As a wife and mother of two teenagers, Heleen is committed to her family’s health and understands the challenges of a working mom. She wants to teach others how to make good choices and that healthy meals won’t be bland or boring, nor expensive.

Heleen’s recipes help you to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle. She shows you that eating healthily is more about what you should include, than what you shouldn’t.

A successful food consultant with a strong message

Heleen has been successfully running her business as an independent food consultant for the past 15 years. She is widely recognised and highly rated for her work in an industry with incredibly high standards. Heleen loves to apply her passion to inspire and teach others in every aspect of her work, along with her team and hand-picked photographers, graphic designers and videographers. They provide marketing solutions for several well-known SA food brands through creative recipe development, food styling, photography, videos, social media content and more.

Heleen uses every opportunity she has, to apply and share her food philosophy. She is extremely comfortable talking to an audience, whether on stage, doing a cooking demonstration, in front of a camera or on radio. She is also a multiple award-winning cookbook author.

To learn how to cook like Heleen, in a healthy and natural way, follow her on social media, subscribe to her YouTube channel and website or order one of her recipe books.

Heleen Meyer Food Consultant

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