WHY did I start ELLY?

ELLY was started and founded when I had lost so much of my own beautiful hair due to age, hormones, stress, Covid, you name it. I had tried everything on the market from natural products to prescribed products and pills from all over the worldI had been to doctors, dermatologists and alternative healers and some remedies seem to have helped, but nothing really worked and gave me the results I was
looking (and hoping) for that would not only help grow my hair much faster and healthier but also slow down and prevent the excessive hair loss and thinning, and so the journey and research continued.

My continuous passion and drive to find products that were not only sustainableand 100% natural and kind to your body and our environment, but also 100% cruelty free

After years of research, and with the power of plants and their wonderful and incredible properties, adapting formulations to bring you the most advanced products that truly work with proven results, we eventually found our ELLYIf you are searching for hair care products that will not only boost your hair growth significantly, but also grow healthier strands of hair from the roots that are full of life and shine, then ELLY is for you. Our formulas have been extensively researched, trialled, and tested to ensure that we bring you nothing but the best.

Our unique ingredients, plant extracts and essential oils are used in their purest formthat have been sustainably sourced and then manufactured in South Africa to ensure the highest quality control and consistency

We have to take into consideration so many factors these days that may be causing hair loss or slowing down the natural growth of your hair, like hormones, illness, stress, the foods we eat, the water we use to wash our hair with, our surroundings and environment, the list goes on and we have to make a concerted effort to invest in products that either prevent or slow down the hair loss or speed up the growth, or as with ELLY, do both!

How did we come up with our name ELLY? 

Funny you should ask… because you are so right, it must mean something right… 

I was looking for something that would represent and have a purposeful and true meaning matched with my vision to provide excellent products for you, our very special ELLY family and community. 

A very special gentleman that has been part of this journey from our early days, and played a pivotal role in many ways, was on a quest to help me find a name that would express what we as a brand (and me as the founder) stand for, in every sense and meaning of the word.

Here is what he found to express to the world, about me and who I am and what this brand means and stands for which is everything I have ever wanted to give to the world, and now I can, in products that are produced to bring just as much satisfaction and joy and all the good feels to you, as they do to me

ELLY. (definition) ~ noun:

An Elly is a beautiful girl who never quite realises how much they mean to people.

They are funny and smart and weird and crazy and amazing and kind and everything
anyone could wish for. They always put others before themselves; even when it’s them
who really needs a hand. They can sometimes be weird but will make you feel like you
fit in wherever you are.

Elly’s are amazing at being there for people, forgiving people and supporting people. Elly’s make the best friends imaginable and even if you are not friends, an Elly will never be mean to you. If you ever meet an Elly never let them go because you might regret it for the rest of your life. If you ever meet an Elly and manage to hold onto them, make sure you keep them because they might just be the best thing that has
ever happened to you

May our products give you an ELLY experience, remind you that you are so loved and make you feel as special as you areAnd so, the name ELLY came to life with so much meaning and intent to live up to

Why should you use our ELLY products?

ELLY is an advanced hair growth and hair care brand that specialises in growing hair and is dedicated to making sustainable and ethical products that are 100% natural and cruelty free with proven results.

ELLY is scientifically formulated using the power of nature and plants and is free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, caffeine, minoxidil and GMO’s

We have unique ranges that are specially designed and formulated for women, for men, for post cancer and chemo warriors and for children, and our products have been carefully formulated to suit all hair types from 1 to 4CLet’s talk about our ELLY HOPE range which is specially formulated to boost hair
growth post cancer and chemotherapy treatment.

Our ELLY HOPE range is dedicated to every single cancer and chemo warrior that has won or lost their battle with this awful disease. In my eyes, you’re all winners and you all hold a very special place in my heart.

Why did I want to have this range that is so near and dear to my heart?

Well, I went through a challenging time in the last 10 plus years around breast cancer and the women who are closest to me. My dearest aunt (who I am very close to and have always admired) sadly was the
first women in our family to fight this awful disease, but of course she fought it like a trooper and won her battle. Then a couple of years later my dearest grandmother had her turn, but she too fought like a warrior and won her battle. Then my aunt from my dad’s side of the family (with whom I am also very close to and admire) also sadly went through and fought this awful disease like the warrior she is. Soon to follow was my own mom (who I still don’t think to this day even realises how proud my brother and I are of her she went through the motions and endured every little thing that you go through with intense chemo like a pro) Goodness, I remember sitting with her at chemo treatments next to her in her chair watching her receive chemo through a drip with a smile on her face when all I wanted to do was cry.

I thought I was tough… but this woman who is my mother, is the strongest and bravest woman I know. Not once, let me repeat that, not once did she feel sorry for herself, look sad or complain or want anyone else to feel sorry for her either.

Might I add, that at the same time she was diagnosed and going through chemo
treatment, so was one of her dearest and closest friends too, who I am very sad to
say lost her battle. How devastating to lose your best friend at the same time you are
fighting for your life. But my mom, she never ever gave up, not once. Goodness
mom, thank you for being so inspiring. 
A couple of years later and one of my dearest darling friends was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Our darling warrior friend went through chemo and treatment
and fought for her life.

We lost our darling Linda loo a couple of months later. Linda was ELLY’S first Hope
ambassador, and she was so excited. 
Devastated is an understatement, and we miss her every day.

Whether you are a woman or man, please go for your regular and annual checkups. If not for yourself, then please do it for the ones who love you.

We have put our hearts and souls into continuously making excellent, premium quality products that not only give you results but also compliment a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for reading our story, we hope you feel inspired to invest in sustainable clean, cruelty free and natural products that will work for you and your family.

All my love, K.