By Nthati Meso

5 years ago, I battled with postpartum depression and needed to get back into my work

routine. However, I couldn’t find any stationery that matched my style, had a strong
sense of intentionality, and encouraged me to delve deep into my weekly tasks. That’s
when BossPlus1 was born. Together with a friend, I created this planner, and the
overwhelming growth we’ve experienced over the past few years has been incredible.

My name is Nthati, and I am the Founder and Creative Director of BossPlus1.
Our primary mission at BossPlus1 is to assist women in being more intentional about
their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lives. We empower women by helping them
establish healthy habits, set goals, prioritize effectively, and establish healthy
boundaries. Planning is an incredible tool that allows you to track your growth, identify
your true values, and make room in your mind and life for the things you genuinely

At BossPlus1, we don’t believe in rigid routines or inflexible standards to live by.
Instead, we encourage understanding the fundamentals so that they can be applied in
any season of life.

The process of developing our planners is deeply personal to me. When asked how I
come up with the keywords and messages for each season’s planner, I explained that
they stem from whatever is happening in my own life at the time. Just before the year
began, I needed the courage to step away from the life I had known for years. I had to
find the strength to say, “This is not who I want to be” and make a change. That’s when I
made the decision to “Edit my Life” and start anew. I didn’t know what the journey
would look like, and honestly, I didn’t care. The most important thing was editing my
life and living my truth, regardless of what had to be left behind. This is how one of our
journals, “Life Edit,” came into existence.

Recently, I was selected to be a columnist for True Love magazine, and my column is
titled “Get It Done.” My vision is to create a space where people understand that they
can build their dreams just as they are. Your ideas matter, your process matters, and it’s
your unique journey. You already have the blueprint; don’t wait for confirmation or
more information.