About 50 and Me

The excitement is real. After an emotional journey I can share the news with you.

The place where my love for everything coffee meets the commitment and passion to make a difference.

A place where women can tell their stories, a place where we can share our proudly South African products and what we are so fiercely passion about.

In the next months I will have women here in studio to do just that.

Women telling us about their journey, sharing their passion and give us insight into their proudly South African products that we as women need to grow older feeling fabulous rather than overwhelmed.

This is Coffee with Marna

I am very excited to have you share and be part of this exciting journey.

What better way to share and catch up with your girlfriends than over a good cup of coffee.


Hello my name is Marna, welcome to 50andMe !

This lifestyle platform was created soon after I made my 50th turn around the sun.

At 50andMe we created a place where women can connect, interact, and find everything, they might need to help them grow older feeling fabulous rather than overwhelmed.

50andMe provides a platform for women to tell their stories and share their paths to happiness and success. A place to find a sense of belonging, be part of a village of likeminded women. Women are achieving their best success, happiness and fulfilment after 40, rather than just hanging on, experience and wisdom now mean our best days are Infront of us.

Here you will find articles and interactive chats on wellness, menopause, beauty, recipes, adventures, self-care and of course shopping. At 50andMe we believe in giving back; the NPO’s FitFlo and Pink Ribbon Ink are very close to my heart combining my passion for sport and health & wellness coaching the inspiration behind these charities.

We celebrate energy rather than age, this then a reminder that your time has come to reinvent yourself. The time is here now to pursue your passion with all your energy, time and talent.

I look forward to sharing this journey with each one of you as we pursue our passions and know that we don’t have to fit into the mould of others’ opinion, or the fluctuating standards of society.

You belong, everything you desire is available to you, this is your village.

Being part of the amazing cast of Die Brug reality show on KYKNET was a life changing experience. The series was filmed in the breathtaking Swellendam forest next to the Jaggersfontein Dam. A story about 12 strangers given the task to build a 250m bridge with their bare hands.