5 Tips to Styling the Perfect Bed


Choose your tone and stick to it.

The easiest step to creating a calm and sanctuary-like feel is to stick to one base color tone and use texture rather than color as a point of interest.

White or grey walls or floors? Stick to white, deep charcoal, grey or black bedding and accessories.

Warmer wall colors such as beige or cream? Choose richer tones for your bedding such as Earth, Mylk, Moss or Rosewater.

Feel free to combine colors in the tone palette but stick to one base tone for a minimalist, seamless and spacious feel.

Contrast your fitted sheet!

Make your bedding stand out and create depth in your setting by using a fitted sheet in a contrasting color. Our fave pairings are Moss with a Mylk sheet or a dramatic Scandinavian White and Deep charcoal.

Use good quality inners.

Here at the T-Shirt Bed Co, we are renowned for our voluminous luxe and a look that makes you want to just fall into bed!

Create the look with extra thick and high quality duvet and pillow inners. This gives extra ‘floofiness’ to your bedding and creates a feeling of luxe like no other!

Bonus tip* Use a duvet cover one size up on your mattress for extra drama!

Do NOT be afraid of the ‘messy’ bed!

Gone are the days of harsh army corners and flat stacked pillows.

Enter the drape, the fold and the effortless bed!

No longer are we hiding fitted sheets…we recommend a voluminous duvet cover fold just at the edge of your pillows to let that fitted sheet show and add extra ‘puff’ as the focus of your bed.

This gives extra length to let the duvet cover drape over the bottom corners of your mattress and create a seamless transition from bed to base. (No sneaky corners sticking out!)

Most importantly, luxe up on the pillows…our perfect bed includes 4 (or more) extra fluffy, king size pillows facing forward instead of flat stacked for height and depth interest.

Last but not least, top off the look with the ultimate bed scatters!

Although we do sometimes love an interesting and textured scatter cushion, our ultimate look is a seamless T-Shirt Bed topped with matching bed scatters.

At 65x65cm, these giant beauties make your bed feel like a sumptuous mountain of pillowy luxe!

Extra points for using the same color as your duvet cover set!